Hard to Love at Christmas

This was a blog written by a fellow staff member here at CMA, and it is well stated. All I can say is “Right on!” Love you, Bri and Thomas!

Called to Freedom

As you all know, I love my job. Despite how hard it can prove to be on some days, I love that I get to be someone who walks with these kids in their good days and ugly ones. And then some days are really freaking hard. Christmas has been a prime example of that every year I’ve been here. Even outside of Christmas the students are already very notorious for letting us know in one way or another that they don’t want to be here, and yet Christmas time seems to bring a deeper level of their resentment to the surface. Honestly though I don’t blame them for being upset about being somewhere they never wanted to be in the first place.

I read an article earlier today that talked about loving hard people, particularly at Christmas time. It mentioned 2 Corinthians 12:15a where Paul is saying to the…

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