An Encounter at Playa Encuentro

This past Saturday our family had the privilege of joining the Girls’ House on a beach trip (to see the video of our day, click:  Three students, two staff, and our family of six piled into the van for a two and a half hour trip down the mountains, across the plains, over a second mountain range, and to the beach.  We arrived to find one of the strangest sights we have behold in the DR:


Truly a loo with a view.  I think that many ages ago, a complete bathroom had stood here.  However, time and the passing of years had worn away the walls until only the porcelain remained.


We set up camp and began our beach activities.  Aside from the waves, sand, and water, the greatest joy of the day was spending time with the students away from CMA.  It allows us to get to know the students on a different level.  For one thing, we were quickly reminded of the pitfalls of youth as all three young ladies quickly got spines imbedded in their feet.  The adults were spared, principally because after years of experience we have learned not to put our feet on the seafloor when we can’t see it.  At DR beaches especially, a rocky seafloor signals sea urchin habitat, while sandy seafloor signals safety.   The girls learned this lesson, some more quickly than others.  One girl accumulated dozens of spines because, in her own words, “I knew I was stepping on stuff, but I was close to shore so I figured I might as well keep walking.”  A friendly guard removed some of the spines.  However, this required him to dig holes in their feet to extract them.  The girls still feel the effects of their foolishness as it has taken days of epsom salt soaks to allow the spines to work their way out.

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 11.29.15 AM.jpg

Thankfully, our own children avoided spines and had a wonderful day playing and splashing in the waves, with staff and students looking on.

GOPR9462 (1).jpg


Grady was inspired to build a sand castle, and learned a little lesson about repurposing when we used a piece of trash to make a flag.


Overall, we had a wonderful day enjoying God’s beautiful creation, fellowshipping with staff and students, and making family memories.

GOPR9558 (1).jpgGOPR9569 (1).jpg

One thought on “An Encounter at Playa Encuentro

  1. Grandpa and I just looked at your video again.  Nice to see you all happy.  I guess our old age just made us so scared for that ONE WAVE that could?>? come and take the children away.     I was in Quito the year when the AA seniors went to the beach, and a wave did just that, and took away the  Roberson’s son who was a senior.     Dave Landers, with rope around him, tried to go and get him, but he did not make it and they were scared he would be lost, too.  Sorry to be such oldies to even mention this, but once you experience such a tragedy, like that, you cannot ever  forget it.  OK, so we are scardy cats…but your children are so precious and we love you all so much.  Sure would not want something like that to happen, especially since you said there was hardly anybody around, if you needed help.   I probably should not send you this, but I just can’t help being frightened.  You have to accept us just as we are.  WE LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!  That is why we are mentioning it. 🙂     You will note that at times Grandpa has sent an extra  $25.00 to your account.  He now told me that those were supposed to be Birthday gifts for one or the other.  He just never mentioned that in a letter before.  But it all went to your family, anyway.     Grandpa is doing so much better.  Thank the LORD!  He is once again trying to help me in the kitchen even with one arm.  I do appreciate it.  He has another month to go before complete healing. He is doing special ‘therapy twice a week, now.  Out patient.     And everyday some exercises at home.  Tonight is Founders Dinner at Bethel.  A big deal!  At that time, 2 couples will be honored that have helped Bethel, a lot.  One of them, the Taylors, have given Bethel lots of money.  The other couple who is to be honored will be Uncle Tim and Aunt Sally for all they have done at Bethel for many years.  Grandpa and I shall be attending, also.     Blessings on you dear ones.  We love you.   Grandpa and BABA


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