Kicking off the Summer

A lot has happened over the past month as we wrap up the school year and kick off the summer.  For those of you who don’t know, our school – CMA, is year round.  When I talk about summer vacation, I’m referring to our kids.  Doulos functions much like the schools in the U.S.

Though we don’t have a summer break, some students will graduate from high school here.  It doesn’t have to be summer for this to happen.   Below is a picture representing a great moment here at CMA.  Our high school graduations here are unorthodox but special nonetheless.  We celebrate with a fire and s’mores.  Andrew hands over the diploma.  We take pictures, and the student is no longer a student.  It’s a fun and memorable time.  The picture below is of a graduation with two of our females students.  One who has now returned to the United States and the other who will be returning within the month.


Our kids are always very excited when a student graduates.  They probably think that the whole point of graduating is to earn s’mores.  IMG_0265

A few special events happened for our children this year too.  This past week we had our first graduation.  Grady graduated from Kindergarten and will be in first grade this coming year.


Grady made good friends and great memories.  Doulos Discovery school is an expedition learning school.  One of his favorite expeditions this past year was “Hat’s Off to the Chef.”  His class took a field trip to a pizzeria in town and learned how to make pizza.  In the photo below, you’ll see what his class did on their “expedition night.”  The kids collected recipes for cookbooks, made food, and collected donations to give to kids in the community who don’t have food.


Stella also had a great year at school.  She has a best friend at school named Amelia.  She made this friend last year in Pre-K 3 and has continued to be close friends all throughout this school year.  Stella was given the Wise award twice this year.  This means that she makes wise choices and does the right thing, even when others do not.  She will be starting Kindergarten in the fall.


On the last day of school, the preschool kids and the kindergarten kids had a carnival.  They had a table with face painting.



They had a lot of different activities.  Grady decided to make his own fun by turning a few of the activities into an obstacle course.




One of the best parts of the carnival was the food.  At least the kids thought so.  They had popcorn, candy, and Dominican snow cones, which consisted of broken ice with Tang.  The kids LOVED it.


The crowning glory of the carnival came in the form of a fire truck.  At the end of the carnival, a fire truck showed up with a firefighter in full gear.  He came out with a hose, turned it on, and chaos ensued.

IMG_0583IMG_0636IMG_0672All the kids had a blast.  Stella didn’t want to jump in the middle of it all, but even she was wet by the end.IMG_0717Looking back, the kids have grown so much over the past year.  They have grown in their friendships.  They have grown in their knowledge and understanding.  More importantly, they have learned more about Jesus and His role in their lives.

Now, summer break has begun.  Already, they’ve been outside playing, inside reading books, and eating lots of snacks.  I’m glad to have them home.  I’m glad to be able to focus on teaching, training, and just loving on them.  Tommy and Avy love having them around more too.

We have a few different activities happening this summer, including a hike up Pico Duarte, the tallest mountain in the Caribbean.  Grady and Stella will attend summer camp, which is like VBS.  We will also be celebrating the anniversary of our third year here.  We have lots in store, and we will try to keep you up to date.

As always, if you want to contact Andrew or I you, can email us.  Andrew’s email is  My email is  We would love to hear from you.  We would love to pray for you or let you know how you can be praying for us.  Until next time . . . .



One thought on “Kicking off the Summer

  1. Dear Ones, It was great to hear of all your activities. I guess the only one neither one of us would be a part of is your intended HIKE up a MT. Too scary for us, even when we were younger. Hope all of the hikers will make it okay! Not something either Grandpa or I would do. 🙂 We were gone for a week. Last weekend we participated in a Missions FEST In Illinois at one of my supporting churches. I was also able to visit my daughter in Greenville, IL. So nice! We are so pleased that your family is joyful in the Lord! We continue to uphold you in prayer in your daily duties and life. May the children enjoy their summer off from school and may all of you find HAPPINESS in Him. We will be praying for the new difficult students that are arriving. I am surprised your Mission will accept such ones to go to the DR. It certainly makes it harder for all of you there, and bad influence with those you still have that give you grief. But our prayers will hold you up! God is ABLE! We will be going to the Maranatha Bible Conference next Saturday, June 24 and returning home July 1, Lord willing. I, Baba will be participating with Missionary stories, during some of the meetings. Love you all, Grandpa and Baba


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