The Chronicle of a Missionary Car

During school breaks, students often ask me to look up pictures of their dream cars. Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bugattis, and Teslas have all been “ooahed” and “aahed”over by the students. Inevitably, the students ask me about my dream car. The answer surprises them: the turquoise Toyota RAV4 parked in my driveway.


Sarah and I are just different than what they are used to, I guess. It may have been bad parenting – my parents were asked on a psychiatric test about their dream car and they both answered “one that runs,” or too much Calvin and Hobbes.



Either way, we are definitely thankful for our little RAV4.  Most people judge cars by certain standards:

Standard Specs –

Top speed – the speedometer goes up to 120 MPH, but the car would have to be falling of a cliff

Acceleration – slower than a dragster, slightly faster than a fully loaded semi

Horsepower – not quite sure, only tangled with a horse once when the car ran over a campus horse’s picket line and the horse was doing its best to lift the car

Fuel type – gasoline, although for part of its life our car ran on propane, until an engine fire resulted in a refit

% of original parts – really hard to tell, zip-ties and electrical tape hold certain critical components together


OK, so the specs aren’t that impressive.  However, by missionary standards, our car is quite the prodigy.


Missionary Specs –

Times stuck – 0, try as we might, we haven’t been able to keep the car down

Times towed – 0, the car has died on us twice off campus, but both times we were able to limp home

Passenger count – though designed for five, we cram eight or nine in on a fairly regular basis; six will be the norm by the end of the month

Times borrowed – lost count months ago, although I do know that the car has made more airport runs without me than with me


We are truly blessed with the car God gave us (and that many of you helped contribute towards). It’s amazing that something that is two years older than our eldest student can still reliably get us from point A to point B.  That’s my dream car!


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