We’ve Got a Wise Girl!

An exciting event happened this past Friday.  Stella received her first award at school.

Every day when I pick up the pre-kindergarten kids, I have a chance to talk with Stella and Grady’s teachers.  Most often, I hear that they are good examples in class.  Stella’s teacher tells her what a great job she is doing by making good choices, even when others in the class are not.

Stella will come home saying things like, “Mommy, I’m a good servant leader.”  “Mommy, I’m relational.” “Mommy, my teacher says I’m wise.”  How did Stella learn these phrases? Where did they come from?

They came from Doulos’ Code of Character.


These are the heart and behavior changes that Grady and Stella’s teachers want them to exhibit.

Stella’s teacher said these phrases enough to Stella that they influenced her.  She wants to exhibit these character qualities.

So . . . move on to this past Friday.  Once every month on a Friday, Doulos has a “Revolution.”

As their website states, “Our entire campus gathers for what we call ‘a party with a purpose.’  Cherished by both students and staff, Doulos Revolution is a time for games, skits, meaningful moments with our school director reinforcing our code of character, and culminating with a recognition ceremony of one student from each grade who demonstrated our code of character that month.” http://doulosdiscovery.org/revolution/

This month, Stella received a special award.

(photos courtesy of Jennifer Harris)

Stella's award 1

Stella's award 2

Stella's award 3

Stella's award 4

She received the “wise” award.

I have been thankful for how well Grady and Stella have adjusted to school here.  They have been making friends, learning Spanish, and most importantly, learning about Jesus and how much He loves them.

Thank you for those who have financially given to us in order to allow our children this chance to attend school here in Jarabacoa.  Thank you for praying for them, which is even more important.

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3 thoughts on “We’ve Got a Wise Girl!

  1. This is so wonderful to hear–about Stella and about how the school is teaching and modeling Christlike character. It’s terrific! I’m so thankful they can attend there!


  2. Please call Stella Faith to the computer because her Great Grandpa and Baba want to tell her something! Hi Stella, Your Dads Grandpa and Grandma want to tell you how proud we are of you for trying to be WISE in everything you do. That is wonderful. Keep it up. In the Bible, Jesus tells us to be WISE, also. So you have started on a good journey. Please tell Grady and Tommy that your Daddy’s Grandpa and Grandma pray for all of your family everyday. And we love you all very much. May you and Grady have a good new week. May you learn many more things and always obey your Mommy and Daddy. They are very wise also! Love to your family in Jarabacoa……from Grandpa and BABA in Mishawaka. Hugs…..


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