Beginning Again

A new year is a time for a fresh start, a new perspective. Or perhaps, a new year is simply a time to rehash and reshape old ideas and old perspectives. So often we seem to focus on the new and upcoming without taking the time to learn from our mistakes and enjoy our memories.

So here’s to remembering 2014 and beginning our new year:

IMG_1930 Making a piñata

IMG_0540Finger painting for the first time

IMG_2118 Enjoying the snow

IMG_2162 New chicks of 2014

IMG_2175Watching the buffalo at Oubache State Park

IMG_2222 The start of new plants in our homemade green house

IMG_2215 Decorating Easter eggs

IMG_9612 IMG_9651 Looking for Easter eggs

IMG_2279Learning how to fly a kite

IMG_2298Tommy is born – May 15th

IMG_2303 IMG_2305  Enjoying the new baby

IMG_2313Meeting our newest family member

IMG_2470First family photo with all five of us

IMG_2486More fun at Oubache State Park

IMG_2527Tommy lays on his belly

Stuck Family PhotoWe make a decision to move to the Dominican Republic.

IMG_2732Last hurrah – vacation at Turkey Run State Park

IMG_9920Enjoying the trails at Turkey Run

IMG_0004 We begin our journey to the D.R.

IMG_0113Walking down to breakfast

IMG_0230Still having fun in the D.R.

IMG_0259Playing with our “new” pool

IMG_0260 Enjoying the books we brought with us

IMG_0294 New experiences – Buying and using a motorcyle

IMG_0353 We celebrate Stella’s second birthday.

IMG_0422 Enjoying our “family sized” hammock

IMG_0496Who wouldn’t love being pulled around in a bean bag chair?

IMG_0513A rainy day is made for playing.

IMG_0548 Enjoying a meal on our balcony

IMG_0600 Tommy starts “crawling” on his belly

IMG_0619Our new car – finally!!

IMG_0635 Happy baby!

IMG_0723Just chillin’ with the band

IMG_0798A waterfall day, only 10 minutes away

IMG_0995 IMG_1003  Tommy meets Grandpa and Grandma Stuck

IMG_9351Reading with Grandma

IMG_1181Resting with Grandpa

IMG_1231Our first trip to the beach

IMG_1567Tommy’s first time eating “big people” food

IMG_1628Our first Christmas abroad

IMG_1663Hiking Flat Top, what a view!

IMG_1698Christmas family photo

IMG_1732Just a nice rainy day

IMG_1911Climbing trees with our friend from downstairs

IMG_1926 A hot dog roast in our backyard

IMG_2110 What a great way to end 2014!

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