An Edible Treasure

We had a great adventure this week.  On Thursday, we borrowed a car and went into Jarabacoa on our own for the FIRST time.  We desperately needed to buy groceries for the coming weekend, and so, off we went.  Andrew drove the car, a stick shift, and the kids squeezed in the back.  Leaving our apartment, we drove down the campus, which is a great test on shocks (the shocks in this car failed).  Then, we drove down our small road, also containing potholes that could swallow a man, to the main road.   The main road gave Andrew a chance to become more comfortable with the car and its horn.  Honestly, in this country, honking could be classified as a national language.

After buying gas for the first time (about $6 per gallon), we made our way into town.  As we approached, the people walking, the cars (AND trucks AND vans) driving, and the motorcycles darting and weaving increased.  Andrew continued carefully, honking, swerving, and generally trying to avoid all other hard objects.  We made it safely to the store, made our purchases, and headed out to our favorite produce stand.

Our favorite produce stand holds lots of goodies.  We can buy mangos, pineapples, peppers, tomatoes, avocados (I’ve never seen avocados this big before.  They’re probably three times as big as the ones in the States.), cilantro, papayas, bananas, plantains, eggs, beans, and the list could continue.  He has so many choices that I just about drool every time I go.  This time I did drool.  We were choosing our food, which included mangos, peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, and bananas when our eyes caught something sitting there in a bag.   This is what we saw. IMG_0456

Now, some of you are probably wondering what these are.  These, my friends, are Naranjillas.  Here in the Dominican Republic, they are called Lulos.  Whatever they’re called, just the smell of this fruit makes my mouth water.  Andrew asked the man how much they were.  The man told Andrew, “$0.50 a pound” (in Spanish of course).  Andrew told him, “We’ll take them all!”  (Oh, I forgot to mention that the prices at the produce stand are amazingly low.  We can buy one mango for about $0.15.  The avocados are about the same.)

We headed home with our edible treasures.  Today (Saturday), we started working with these delicious smelling fruit.  Grady and Stella supervised.


First, I used a spoon to scoop out the insides of the fruit, dumping it all into a blender.  (We are considering how we can bring our blender here or buy one.  We borrowed this one.)

IMG_0453IMG_0454IMG_0455 After dumping all the fruit in the blender, I added water, and let it blend.

Andrew then helped me with straining the juice while Grady watched with vivid interest.


When we finished, we had a pitcher full of delicious juice.  We took some downstairs to our neighbors.  They had never had any of this juice before, and of course, that could not be allowed, not when we had a full pitcher of this foamy delight.  Besides, it was their blender we had borrowed.

Here’s a picture of the half we have left along with some of our delicious produce.


Bonus:  I thought some of you would enjoy some bonus pictures.

IMG_0468   This is how Andrew and I are currently getting work done on our back patio.IMG_0449 One of the days this week, I wondered why Tommy was being so quiet.  I looked over and found him like this, asleep with his blanket in his mouth.

IMG_0422  Yes, we now have our hammock set up on our back patio, and yes, it’s a favorite hang out spot.

IMG_0389 Stella has been picking her clothes out recently.  She looked so cute that I asked her to stand there and smile.  This is what I got.  🙂

IMG_0375 Walter has now taken to smiling and being ticklish.  Stella and I like to take full advantage of these adorable moments.

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